In case anyone is curious, I was in dire need for change. I found that change in cutting off my hair. Natural now, someone will love me for me. 


Its so hard to stay healthy around my family, and I feel like such a failure. I keep trying to look at it in perspective, because I know I over think way to much. I know its just a little slip up, but it still bothers me. I promised myself to do this the healthy way, no more going back to old habits… I can do this. 


Anyone know some good arm exercises? Ones to get rid of that flab under your arm , without bulking up? Put a message in my ask ! Pleeeasssseee:3

Started working out at 9:05 p.m. and just now finished at 11:11p.m. (:

I workout with my boyfriend every night, and tonight Im extra proud of us. Hes a Varsity football player, so hes already in shape, but he helps me push my limits(:

Tonight we combined my volleyball training with running. Every time we messed up we had to run. And at the end I had some extra energy, so I decided we were going to run for a while. Then we came in and did some ab exercises, lifted, and while he lifted I did some leg exercises. 

Food wise I did good. Not real proud of the fact I ate a few to many baked lays chips, but at least they were baked, so not too bad? Ive been really good lately. Aside from that I only had eggs and a half of a half of bagel. Confusing? haha. Now Im finishing off the night with a small bowl of Special K(: 

Hope all you Lovelies are doing well! 

Much Love <3